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Every person who is planning to shift from their place of origin has some responsibilities and rights to be taken of. Thus it is important to hire a company that will ensure the safekeeping of the merchandises that are being moved since a person can have a lot of emotions attached to it. Best moving company like the Packers and Movers in Delhi have a prepared quotation which involves charges and services with no cost hidden. This is very helpful because often companies charges more at the end of the move than previously discussed. This type of harassment to the customer is completely unethical and we believe such companies should be dragged into the court for fake branding. Often a times customers complain that they have signed an incomplete document with the moving company when they are about to perform home or Movers and Packers in Delhi. Now signing such incomplete makes the customers remain ineligible to claims later. Now this not the case of our company. Packers and Movers Delhi fill the document with total detailing, we don’t force you sign it, instead we give you take time reading the document and sign it with your own content.

Rights of the customer who use our service

  1. The customer has the right to get written assurance for our services. Any loss or damaging of product of product will be compensated and the customer is eligible to claim the loses
  2. We take the time and make you understand how our services work and we also provide you with insurance and valuation cover.
  3. This helps the customer in getting alternative for losses if there is any, from our side
  4. As the customer , the individual will have insurance from all his movables, if there is any unexpected incident the insurance attached with the movables will cover all the loses
  5. The customer has the right to be present at the time of moving
  6. The customer has the right to check our identity cards to see if we are authentic or not, though we generally inform the customer of the people we are sending, In case if the customer has any doubt the customer can cross check with the company again.
  7. The customer has the right to choose any mode of it cash of delivery, online banking or payment through debit or credit card, we are comfortable with all.

How to avoid fraud Packers and Movers Delhi

Last year an incident happened in New Delhi that made customers loose trust with Packers and Movers Delhi. The fake moving company cheated the customer by claiming that they are most reputed moving company in Delhi. Police were unable to find such fraudsters even after searching for the months. Though they are unable to find them but the investigation continued, after detailed investigation it was found out that that the main aim for this fake company was to extort money from the customers. This means that the customer has to pay the company a ransom to get his goods. Police say that there is an increase no of moving companies in NCR region due the rise of real estate. Some of the tips that should be followed before hiring a moving company are

Never forget to check the documentation and papers of the company

  1. Incorporation certificates like the bank account , pan card , license of the company should also be checked
  2. Ask for the contact details of the previous customers that they have served. This will give you a detailed idea about the company and its services
  3. View online testimonials and reviews of the company
  4. If all these points doesn’t convince you then search the details of the company on search engines like google , yahoo or Bing

Enjoy a Hassle Free Shift to Your New Location with Lozy India Pvt Ltd

You might have just received a promotion or a Hassle Free Shift to another branch with a hike that you are much happy about! Maybe your office space just got upgraded to the heart of the city! Probably you are thinking about shifting to a house that is quite close to your work spot! Are you thinking of shifting your residence closer to your son’s college? Moving from a place to another might sound very hectic and highly difficult! Not to worry at all! Packers and Movers Delhi Services can answer every question that pops up your mind! Who are the certified movers company? Will they be the best? Will it fits in my budget, requirements and need? Will they do a good job? It’s time to hire the best packers and movers and you need to know how it is done? Do you require the greatest and cheapest packers and movers? Are you looking for best packing and moving services? Go ahead and read through to get the best idea about shifting!

Choose Only the Best Packers and Movers in North and South Delhi

Hiring packing and moving services to relocate in and around or to Delhi is indeed the wisest thing to do but the quality and capability of the packer and mover is also very important and needs to be well judged before you hire one. You might find a number of Packers and Movers in North and South that tends to confuse you regarding whom to choose. You literally have to go through every profile, read every review and then decide. And I am sure you know how difficult it can be at times to trust the online reviews and search for the right company. Therefore, it is practically difficult as well as very time-consuming.

Sit Back with the Local Packers and Movers in Delhi NCR

Home shifting is a quite common thing in the Delhi main as well as in the Local Packers and Movers in Delhi NCR locations. Be it local shifting or moving to some other city, people are quite witty and open minded open minded and they are quite active as far as home shifting is concerned. Relocating is hard as it’s not going to be easy for you to arrange everything like vehicle, boxes, insurance, manpower and such things by yourself. So, the best way to relocate without any hassle is to hire a professionally managed Household Shifting companies, sit back and let them handle everything smoothly.

Hire Professional Packers and Movers around Uttam Nagar and Pattel Nagar

The services of the best packing moving companies provides safety and hassle free journey of your dear belongings. If once you decide to move, the Professional Packers and Movers Company you decide upon is a very important aspect. The biggest problem you would face is the searching out and deciding on the best Movers and Packers in Delhi. Relocating and moving from or to Uttam Nagar and Pattel Nagar can be less stressful and enjoyable when you allow the professionals to walk you through it. Choosing companies with goods insurance services can also be of help as damage to goods can be liable to compensation.

How to Find Good Packers and Movers in Dwarka and Entire Delhi

Always remember to check out all the possible packing moving companies available through print media, friends or web. May a list of what all services they offer. After you receive the entire list of the Packers and Movers in Dwarka, call them to get all the detailed information and check if they suit your requirements. Use the internet to search and list down the packers and movers available in Delhi. Ask around and discussing with your friends and families can definitely help find some great movers and packers in Delhi. Once you decide on a particular packers and movers in Delhi, read the reviews on a Delhi Packers Movers customers experience and testimonials online and then shortlist on a few providers. Once you select the available services you must talk to them about the prices.

Tangible Services

Choose the best companies which provide great services that suit your requirement. It is always important to choose the right services to enjoy a smooth relocation.

  1. Household shifting Services: A professional packer and mover service always prioritizes the safety and smooth delivery of the goods to the customer’s new location. Household shifting is something that cannot be achieved on one’s own due to the fact that it is full of complexities and leaves one highly exhausted. Therefore, professional packer and mover is recommended so that the valuable goods of the customers can be packed using a high quality packing material and moved in an undamaged condition.
  2. Local Shifting Services: There are many experienced movers and packers who make sure that the customer’s relocation experiences is comforting one. The local shifting services have an increased demand and the services have always been rated exceptionally high. They provide well-timed and secure services that are within the means of the customers.
  3. Domestic Shifting Services: There are so many movers and packers with immense reputation and have a broader understanding of the movers and packers industry. They are equipped with the most up-to-date technologies so that they can make use of them to shift interstate and when it comes to carrying out any task with ease and effectiveness. They make sure that none of the customer’s precious goods are damaged while being shifted from one state to another.
  4. Loading unloading: Loading and unloading of boxes is quite a tedious work in any situation. Either residential relocation or commercial relocation, loading and unloading cannot be done alone. These tasks should be done properly with utmost care & attention to avoid damages of goods. Such tasks must be executed by experts. Packers and Movers Services in Delhi transport your goods to the new location and also help you unload them and load them to make tasks easier for you.
  5. Relocation services: Relocation services may be required for various reasons, such as to transport entire home articles within Delhi or to pack and transport domestic household things or to move car and motor bikes or scooter. Even single items like a refrigerator can be relocated with these services. Packing and moving on your own may be impossible. Professional help from movers and packers is the best resort.
  6. Office Relocation Services: A number of small and large scale companies tend to try locating themselves in the hub of the city for a broader perspective. As the businesses tend to grow, so should the office spaces. Unlike domestic home shifting, commercial relocation require much more planning. Even a little bit of delays could turn out to be fatal because you don’t want to delay in service or product delivery. Office Relocation is way more complicated than a usually domestic home relocation and you would want to resume your business operation as soon as you can. Relocating Services will handle all your needs very professionally.

With well Educated and Trained Staff to render Professional Service at the Best Reasonable Cost, Movers Packers Delhi Services renders cost-effective and trustworthy moving and shifting methods. Packers and Movers Delhi understands your requirement related to the shifting and settling and they make sure they meet your requirements in every possible way they can.

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